Together with the university in Pinkafeld, the company Floorprotector developed an aluminium ring which due to the selected dimension, produces a blocking effect in all usual screeds, so that the average screed moisture is measured in the measuring chamber.

Generally, after about one day (2 GSM-Syncs) the measured values should be representative. The HMBox measures every hour and send the measured data twice a day (every 12 hours) to the database.

Yes, basically usable for all kind of screeds and substrates.

At the time any another measurement would be made.
The screed should be relatively dry (several weeks old) and heated out by under floor heating. The relative humidity should be below 90%.

The limit values using the HMBox are set
– at 65% RH screed without underfloor heating
– and 60% RH with underfloor heating.

ATTENTION: If the flooring manufacturer recommends other limit values for his floor you have to follow this instruction according to their product data sheet.

The HMBox is suitable for screed thicknesses of 4-10 cm and measures in this area the average moisture seen over the cross section.
(e.g.: Screed 8 cm = The measurement result of the HMBox corresponds to the moisture content in 4 cm depth, 8:2 = 4)
For concretes thicker than 10cm (4 inches) there is the need to drill a hole in a depth of 40% of the total thickness of the concrete.

The room climate is an essential criterion whether a screed dries or not. If a limit of 65 HM% is to be reached, it must be drier in the room than this 65 HM%, otherwise the screed cannot give moisture to the air layer above the screed. As a hygroscopic component, the screed tries to adapt its moisture to the room climate.

If the HMBox cannot connect to the internet via the GSM network, the HMBox cannot establish a connection to our database, which means that no measurement data can be sent. In this case, however, the HMBox can still be read out manually at any time on site using Bluetooth.

4x Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA (L91)

The HMBox can be opened with a Torx T20 screwdriver.

The relative humidity of the gypcrete should be below 90%.

After installing the HMBox on a construction site, it takes a while until the average moisture has formed in the measuring chamber. At the beginning of each measurement, the humidity measured can therefore increase depending on the moisture distribution in the screed.

The measurement data is stored in our database for an unlimited time.
We do not delete any measurement data.

In the interior of the building, the Bluetooth range is about 8m.

Yes. To do this, go to the settings of your HMBox (the small button with the pencil icon), scroll down and use the function “share data”. BUT it is only possible with a registered floor protector account.

Floorprotector has also installed an alarm in the HMBox, which is activated when someone tries to remove the HMBox in the measuring mode unlawfully. It then triggers an alarm with 100 decibels and sends a notification to the owners Smartphone. The HMBox is also already equipped with the new SIM-chip with which it is possible to nearly locate the HMBox. The system is programmed so that nobody can work with the HMBox, except the owner.

In the first year the costs of data transfers are included in the purchase price. From the 2nd year onwards you have the possibility to extend this data package for further 12 months via the Software at Floorprotector. The price for the unlimited data transfer is 60 Euros a year.

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