The new way to measure moisture .

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The hmbox® is a digital measuring instrument that measures the moisture of different building materials such as e.g. Screeds/Substrates. By attaching to the ground, the moisture can be measured in a user-friendly and non-destructive way.
Data is collected and transmitted via GSM to a central server that can be viewed on any internet connected device.


  • Simple remote measurement of screed and room conditions
  • Cost savings – reduced wasted time and expense of site visits.
  • Predict the right time for installation of floor coverings.
  • Data available anywhwere from browser or APP for multiple users.
  • Know site conditions without having to visit site.
  • Through the web-based solution the measurement results can be retrieved at any time. Corrective action can be quickly taken to create an optimum climate on the construction site for the installation of floor covering.
  • Cost savings through reduced site visits.


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fix glue

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The aluminum ring of the hmbox® is fixed with fix glue to
the floor. In the cavity of the alu-ring the sensors measure the relative humidity and the temperature of the material below.

Sensors in the housing measure the temperature and relative
humidity of the room.
The hmbox® indicates the right time for installation of a floor

  • An accurate and non-destructive measuring method to show the moisture of different materials.
  • The data and test results are transmitted digitally, and can be read using a web browser or viewed with an APP by different users (owner, architect, construction manager, etc.)

Quality and transparency for increased customer satisfaction!

Cost savings

  • Reduced site visits
  • Time-saved measuring
  • Data transfer with GSM
  • Mobile data availability
  • Fast & simple

Data quality

  • Measurement anywhere
  • Digital transmission
  • Mobile availability
  • Central storage
  • Monitoring with APP & WEB

Measuring method

  • NO destruction
  • Independent of material
  • Exact protocol
  • Trend data
  • Reproducible


  • Reuseable
  • Handy & clean
  • Abundance of data
  • Various substrates
  • Multiple industry uses
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