Now the stairbox® does the work for the craftsman. .

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The stairbox® - the new electronic stair measurement system

The stairbox® is a new and innovative electronic measurement system for staircase construction. 
Whether raw concrete stair casing is used in a new building construction or a wooden stair well is to be resurfaced with wooden steps by renovation of an older house, a professional craftsman must perform a time / labour intensive dimensional measurement on site. This job demands the highest degree of precision, if the new stair construction should fit the first time without complications. Commercially available software applications for the stair builder are usually very costly and complicated to use.


The stairbox® is a sophisticated business solution, with no hidden costs and complete with everything that you need. Simple – fast – perfect!

With the stairbox® you can perform the most complex measurements with highest precision on a staircase on site and this is done quickly and easily. The measured steps are measured in real time and immediately displayed during the measurement procedure using the included computer software and stored as digital image templates.

The stairbox® is a fully contemplated and sophisticated solution that is positively recommended by respected industry experts.

The major advantages of the stairbox® are found in the enormous time savings during the measurement. An additional advantage is found when subsequently the precise digital measurement data is used for the processing of the steps during production. A simple data transfer in the most common data interchange formats (DXF) can be used efficiently. Vast synergy effects help to save expensive working time and to optimize the company’s profits. 

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