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The fidbox® is a measurement device equipped with two sensors for temperature (°C) and relative humidity (%). Installed  underneath the hardwood floor, it records the essential data of the wood floor and its substrate every 8 hours.

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Sensor 1

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Sensor 2

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Sensor 1: Wood measurement

The relative humidity of the wood is measured by sensor 1 in the hollow space above the fidbox® (wood humidity = material climate)
Since wood is a hygroscopic material and therefore it adapts to the humidity of the room climate, sensor 1 also determines the relative humidity of the room.

Sensor 2: Substrate measurement (example: screed)

In the hollow space below the fidbox®, sensor 2 measures relative humidity and the surface temperature of the screed, determining its moisture level. (material climate)
The recorded data can be accessed any time on a smartphone by builders, architects, or other users via Bluetooth and an APP. This information is not only important for a healthy room climate, also for the longevity of a hardwood floor.

Areas of application

The fidbox® has many benefits for owners, builders and inhabitants.
People who invests in real estate, expects that the chosen facilities fully meet the planned requirements for many years. From an ecological, economical, and healthrelated point of view, the  fidbox® constitutes a compact and interactive safety system for all involved.

Some practical suggestions:

Application examples

Using the free fidbox®-APP, your customers are always informed about their room climate at an early stage.
The APP gives your customers the possibility to optimally control their room climate.
Your customers will receive suggestions for improvements to obtain a healthy room climate.

The advantages

Wood is a “living” product of nature that works and breathes – your new hardwood floor does the same as well.
We have developed the intelligent hardwood floor for you and your customers to make them feel comfortable in their homes, the most important place for their well-being, safety, and health.

Clear advantages for your customers:

The “no-worries” package

You are a professional and lay hardwood floors to your customers’ complete satisfaction.
Nevertheless – in spite of your best diligence – for whatever reasons, it can never be ruled out that you are confronted with flooring situations that are difficult to explain.

Be prepared and use the fidbox® by floorprotector for documented room climate monitoring.
From an ecological and economical point of view, the fidbox® gathers important information that can prevent lasting deteriorations and damages.
The fidbox® gives you reliable support to make your hardwood floors fit for intense, and daily use, and to keep them protected for many years.

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